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All FPA Support Group meetings are FREE and open to the public. Whether you are personally affected by facial pain, are a loved one, or a person under age 40, FPA has a group for you. Choose national or regional meetings- or both! We also provide contacts with several international groups. When you are ready, we are here.

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What are the advantages of attending a support group meeting?

For many people with facial pain, a support group is one of the only places where they can connect with others who share their experience. A support group provides understanding, encouragement, and reassurance that will help you adjust to life changes brought on by facial pain. Our support groups offer a safe haven for discussing your challenges and a place for you to ask for advice, give tips to others, and spend some time with an encouraging network of people who have walked in your shoes.

What is an FPA Support Group meeting like?

Before your first meeting

FPA groups are free and open to people with facial pain, their family members, caregivers, and other loved ones. Prior to a virtual meeting, you will need to register online. For in-person meetings, registration is not required but informing your local leader that you will be attending helps him or her with planning.

We encourage you to contact your local support group leader to introduce yourself before your first meeting and learn more about about upcoming meetings or events. Your leader is also able to answer questions that will help you feel more comfortable attending for the first time- your leader will be happy to hear from you!

Meeting formats

Some groups meet online using Zoom or other easy-to-use video platforms. Other groups normally meet in person. At the time of the meeting, you will join your group and be greeted by your support group leader. Meeting structures vary – some meetings will include a speaker; others will be strictly supportive, or both. The supportive meeting, sometimes called ‘caring and sharing’ features an open format, allowing attendees to openly discuss topics that interest them. Whether you want to just listen, or you want to share your experiences or ask questions of others, you are free to do so. For most people, simply attending meetings and listening to the experiences of others can be very helpful.

If a meeting includes a speaker or educational topic, you can expect that the speaker is from a health care or other professional area. Topics may include facial pain diagnosis, treatment options, medication, complementary health approaches, pain management, coping, and many others. You can also request a speaker on a specific topic.

FPA Support Group Leaders and Co-Leaders

Our leaders and co-leaders are volunteers, and just like you, are people affected by facial pain. They offer their time and energy as FPA volunteers to give back to the facial pain community. These special people receive support from FPA to help them set up, promote, and run their meetings successfully.

If you are interested in becoming an FPA Support Group Leader, visit Volunteer with the Facial Pain Association.

Who attends these meetings?

People just like you. People whose lives have been changed by facial pain and are also looking for answers and to connect with caring support. Some FPA Support Groups are offered to specific groups- local groups cater to people who live within the region. The FPA Young Patients Committee (YPC) offers a group for people age 40 and under. There is also a group for parents, one for friends and family, and others. For more information about FPA Support Groups, please contact the FPA at [email protected].

A note about international groups: International contacts, with the exception of Brazil are not official FPA Support Groups. The FPA only supervises and supports official FPA Support Groups. The contact information provided is intended as a starting point in your area.


Find a Support Group

Common Ground

Rachel Scherer: [email protected]

Open to friends, family, and loved ones.

Anna Beard: [email protected] Barbara Turczyn: [email protected]

Jeff Fogel: 215-651-2861, [email protected]

For those living with both multiple sclerosis and neuropathic facial pain.

Michele Cohen: cohen.michele[email protected]

For those with tumors complicating or causing their facial pain.

Vince Holtmann: [email protected]

Open to those 40 and under.

Rachel Triay: [email protected]

Open to All

Mary Pingel: (517) 290-3895, [email protected]

Robert Ramsey: [email protected]

United States

Tucson, AZ
Currently recruiting. Contact Regina Gore: [email protected]

Los Angeles, CA

Warren Selko: [email protected]

Northern CA

Terry McNally: [email protected]

Orange County, CA

Andy Petitjean: 714-944-3044, [email protected]

Alice Wynaught: 949-877-6546, [email protected]

Palo Alto, CA — Stanford University

Vee Vo: 650-736-0262, [email protected]

San Diego, CA

Nora Casas: [email protected]

Orlando, FL

Currently recruiting. Contact Regina Gore: [email protected]

Miami, FL

Jessica Tagle: [email protected]

Tampa Bay, FL

Sylvia Arroyo: [email protected]

Alia Aboulhosn: [email protected]

Columbus, GA

Lisa East: 706-662-2797, [email protected]

Atlanta – North Metro, GA

Christine Cohen: 678-978-5775, [email protected]

Currently recruiting. Contact Regina Gore: [email protected]

Indianapolis, IN

Shelby Ennis: [email protected]

Lapel, IN

Kathy Hays: 765-534-5053, [email protected]

Louisville, KY
Amy Marshall: [email protected]

Baltimore, MD

Currently recruiting. Contact Regina Gore: [email protected]

Detroit, MI
Aaron Running: 248-841-3694, [email protected]Danielle Running: 248-650-6347, [email protected]

Twin Cities

Currently recruiting. Contact Regina Gore: [email protected]

Kansas City, MO
Diana Crites: 816-585-5520, [email protected]

St. Louis, MO
Vince Holtmann: 314-541-6294, [email protected]  Sharon Whitener: 636-678-7511, [email protected]

Erik Mello: 508-269-3808, [email protected]

Miorky Torres: [email protected]

Penny Prosperi: [email protected]

Long Island, NY — NSPC Brain & Spine Surgery

Maddy Brisman: [email protected]

Long Island, NY

Currently recruiting. Contact Regina Gore: [email protected]

New York City, NY

Michael Cohen: [email protected]

Utica, NY

Amy Myers: [email protected]

Westchester County, NY

Deirdre Glascott: [email protected]

The Carolinas

Kim Fields: [email protected]

Gail Wells: [email protected]

Currently recruiting. Contact Regina Gore: [email protected]

Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska 
Brian Mistler: [email protected]

Philadelphia, PA
Jeff Fogel: 215-651-2861, [email protected] Stuart Gause: 215-534-6214, [email protected]

Pittsburgh, PA
Judy Schiffbauer: 412-487-2049 [email protected]

The Carolinas

Kim Fields: [email protected]

Gail Wells: [email protected]

Currently recruiting. Contact Regina Gore: [email protected]

North Texas/DFW
Gwen Baskett: 214-504-5845, [email protected]

San Antonio, TX
Monica Garcia: [email protected]

Currently recruiting. Contact Regina Gore: [email protected]

Elizabeth W.: [email protected]


Bert Henke, 08 9845 1706, [email protected]

Julie Russell: [email protected]

Irene Wood: 0245 796 226, [email protected]

Helen Tyzack: 0456 022 883, [email protected]

Brian Power: (08) 9385 9550, [email protected] Julia McDonald: (08) 9384 5816 or (08) 0417 968 600, [email protected]


Tatiana Colledan: 5511 9 9805-5218, [email protected]


Calgary, AB
Marj Murphy: [email protected]

White Rock, BC
Charlee Yoshizawa: [email protected]

Steinbach, MB
Patty Penner: [email protected]

Niagara Falls, ON
Brenda Sharp: [email protected]

St Charles, ON
Sandra Todd: [email protected]

Toronto, ON
Kathy Sommer: [email protected]

Regina, SK
Faye Meyer: [email protected]

Saskatoon, SK
Gail Flynn: [email protected]


Yeara Eliyahu and Michael Shaul (יערה אליהו ומיכאל שאול): [email protected]

New Zealand

Lyn Bailey: [email protected]


Tatiana Colledan: 5511 9 9805-5218, [email protected]

United Kingdom

TNA United Kingdom 
+ 44 (1883) 370214, [email protected]



Dr. Gustavo Trivilion: (424) 520-3378, [email protected]

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By filling out the form below, you will receive a free FPA Patient Guide and periodic updates on the management and treatment of facial pain conditions. We do not share this information with any outside sources.