Quarterly Journal<br />Summer 2019

Quarterly Journal
Summer 2019

Features Medical article: Medical Cannabis, Part II Three Personal Experiences with Medical Cannabis, YPC: Member Profile Click here to access Quarterly Journal Summer 2019.
Quarterly Journal<br />Summer 2018

Quarterly Journal
Summer 2018

Features Medical article: Comparison of Pain Relief in MVD and Radiosurgery in TN Study Report Ask the Doctor: Ramesh Babu, An Artist’s Approach to Trigeminal Neuralgia, YPC: Service Pets Click
Quarterly Journal<br />Spring 2018

Quarterly Journal
Spring 2018

Features Medical article: Dental Issues Associated with Trigeminal Neuropathic Pain Managing TN Flare-Ups, Receiving and Interpreting Medical Tests, Efficacy of Treating TN with CyberKnife, YPC: Patient Profile Click here to
Quarterly Journal<br />Winter 2018

Quarterly Journal
Winter 2018

Features Medical article: Medical Marijuana for the Treatment of Chronic Pain FPA Stanford Conference, Nutrition and Diet’s Effect on Facial Pain, What Patients Should Know About Pain Relief Click here
Quarterly Journal<br />Fall 2017

Quarterly Journal
Fall 2017

Features Medical article: What to Do When Your Surgeon Says There is Nothing Left for Him to Do A TN Warrior Faces Medicare Part D, Maintaining a Positive Attitude, Managing